Information Management Systems

PLC and DCS Systems

3W Technomatic has expertise in almost all major industrial automation software products and communication technologies.

We have an experienced group of highly proficient PLC programmers. Our team has developed a programming standard that provides for quick development, quality code and easy maintenance. Our PLC experience covers most of the available hardware and software programming environments.

Many industries rely on the power of distributed control systems. Our engineers have implemented solutions using a wide variety of DCS systems.

With high-availability, single-database configurability, resilient open-architectures, advanced diagnostics, and operator tools, 3W Technomatic provides total commissioned solutions using extensively proven core technologies from multiple vendors.

We are proud of our status as an official solution provider for major automation OEMs. We take great care to ensure that our vendor relationships are aimed at providing our customers with the very best solutions for their applications. Some of our customers have specific guidelines for documentation and structure and we pay very careful attention to these requirements to make sure they get the program they expect. Our methods result in a successful start-up that performs to the customer's expectations.