Information Management Systems

Safety Systems

3W Technomatic has over a decade of experience in implementing turnkey safety solutions. We are an official solutions partner for a range of safety products – both programmable, and solid state logic types. Fire & Gas Detection (F&G), Emergency Shutdown (ESD), Process Shutdown (PSD), and High Integrity Protection System (HIPPS) logic-solvers. We address all phases of the Safety lifecycle in partnership with our technology suppliers and clients.

As a solution provider for Fire & Gas Detection systems, 3W Technomatic can deliver and install the full range of products.

Safety products available from 3W Technomatic: 

• Fire & Gas Detectors
• Fire Fighting Solutions
• Extinguishing and Suppression Systems
• Intrusion Detection Systems
• Building Management Systems
• HVAC Systems
• Low Voltage
• Danger Management Software