Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

3W Technomatic is a recognized EPIC subcontractor in the Oil & Gas industry. The Oil & Gas industry is characterized by stringent safety requirements, the need for high reliability and very tough site environments. Implementing systems for Oil & Gas requires a high level of expertise. We have performed back-end engineering and onsite services for various Oil & Gas projects in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia.

We have a strong reference list of projects comprising every type of facility required for transportation and storage of: Crude oil, Natural gas, Liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons. Mention some of the world’s largest oil and gas production projects and it’s likely that we have had a hand in them.

3W Technomatic provides a complete range of services – from consulting, engineering, procurement, integration, commissioning, training, maintenance & support – to the onshore oil and gas market, delivering breakthrough results and helping our customers derive the greatest value from their assets.

Along with wells and well sites, gathering systems and gas processing facilities, compression stations and metering systems and full field development, 3W Technomatic also puts in place the infrastructure needed to make such projects feasible – literally creating working towns in isolated places with everything from running water to satellite communications.

Our solutions help in monitoring and management of hydrocarbon transportation through pipelines, tankers and terminals ensuring reliable operations, functional safety system availability and compliance with environmental requirements.

Capabilities in Oil & Gas

• Gas Gathering Automation
• Well head Automation
• Compressor Station Automation
• Plant Automation
• Pipeline Automation
• Pump station Automation
• Tank Farm Automation
• Blending Plant Automation
• Terminal Automation
• Water Injection System
• Waste Treatment System
• Turbine Controls System
• ESD Systems
• Fire & Gas System 
• SCADA System
• Plant Process Control System
• Gas Processing Control System
• Condition Monitoring System
• Management Information System (MIS)