Water & Seawage

Water & Sewage

A complete package of automation services for water pipelines and water treatment systems including sewage.
We also deliver modular water treatment systems transported in a container for drinking water in Hospitals, Airports,
and Hotels etc.

3W Technomatic’s water business covers all aspects of the water industry and other utilities, covering water supply, waste water, water resources, dams and hydro power, irrigation and drainage, river engineering, flood control, special structures, mechanical and electrical engineering, energy, geomatics and water operations and distribution.

Capabilities in Water/Sewage

• Desalination Plants Automation Control
• Pumping Stations Automation
• Distribution Network Telemetry 
• Water Pipeline SCADA
• Telemetry/SCADA for Sewage Pumping Stations 
• Sewage Treatment Plant Automation
• Well field Automation
• Irrigation Control System