Application Specific Services

Managed Services 
Project management, QA/QC, Cost control, Planning and scheduling, Activities and deadline planning, Reporting, Bid evaluation, Procurement, Expediting, Desk expediting, Field expediting

Design and documentation, Procurement, Implementation, Commissioning, Audits and reviews

Measurement sensors, Analysers, Final control elements and fieldbus, Cable engineering/field cabling, Switch room and control room layout

Medium voltage switchgear, Low voltage switchgear, Building automation, Transformers, Distribution, MCC’s, Earthing/lightening protection, Lighting

Control Systems
DCS, SCADA, PLC, Safety systems, Graphic design, User security, Ergonomics, Application programming, Simulations, Alarm strategies

Process Control
Regulatory control, Sequence control, Modelling and simulation, Advanced process control, Batch control

Safety Systems
Object security system, Access control, CCTV system, Fire alarm system, Gas alarm system, ESD system

Software Tools
Performance specification, Software engineering, Structo-grams, Coding, Testing, Version control, Monitoring systems

Technical Training
Loop training, Process control, Instrumentation, Simulators, Custom

Control systems, Application, Remote/on site, Loop tuning, Troubleshooting, Optimisation